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About Us:


Preferred traveling service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer


Who We Are:

Eminence is a global luxury travel club, providing worldwide private and personalized luxury services to its members.

Eminence wide-range of luxurious and tailor-made services include premium insurance coverage, luxury accommodation, private airport transfer,

yacht booking, private jets, luxury car rental as well as worldwide and travel secretarial services.


What We Do:

Eminence proudly provides its private and VIP services to a wide range of clients including business executives, government delegations, diplomats,

celebrities, merchants, international organizations, enterprises, governments, superstars and anyone who desires a luxurious and personalized travel experience.


Why Book With Us

We carefully consider the smallest of details to make your travel with us as pleasurable as possible. It is our goal to provide you with a truly luxurious experience, not just another trip.


How Eminence Works:

You can use Eminence services based on your preference or join our membership club to benefit from our exceptional discounts and offers.

  • Choose an advisor

Tell us your preferences and we’ll quickly match you with the perfect advisor to plan your upcoming travel.

  • Plan with Your Advisor

Your advisor will collaborate with you, catering to your travel needs to create a truly personalized trip.

  • Travel like a VIP

Our travel network allows your advisor to book exclusive perks and upgrades only offered to Eminence members.